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If you want the satisfaction of knowing you are in the top 5% of safe drivers or riders on our roads; to increase the enjoyment of the driving or riding task; to reduce the chance of being involved in a road traffic incident;  to attract a lower insurance premium; or if you simply want that sense of achievement on passing the Advanced Test, then Advanced Driving or Riding is for you!

Advanced Rider
Adanced Driver

who are we?


We are a friendly, local Registered Charity and we are an Affiliated Group of IAM RoadSmart, formerly known as the Institute of Advanced Motorists. We can help you become a proficient driver or rider through providing practical skills and knowledge to Advanced  Test standard.

When you enrol you will be an IAM RoadSmart Associate Member and on passing the Advanced Driver or Advanced Rider test, you will become a Full Member. If you have held a full car or motorcycle licence for longer than six months you may be eligible.

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