About some of us..

Carlisle and West Cumbria Advanced Motorists have been providing advanced driver and rider training since 1982.

Our aim is to improve road safety and we have prepared many local drivers and riders to advanced test standard; we pride ourselves on our extremely high Pass rate (currently 100%).

We are an affiliated Group of IAM RoadSmart, formerly known as the Institute of Advanced Motorists and our operational area, shown on the Map, extends from Langholm in the North to Millom in the South.

If  you live in our area and are interested in becoming an Advanced Driver or Rider, please call or Email me for further information: my contact details are shown at the top of the page.

Map of Cumbria

Meet The Team

Peter Forsyth
All too often, I’ve seen the results of poor driving

Cars – Chief Observer, National Observer, Masters (Distinction), Police Advanced Driver Class 1, Police Advanced Driving Instructor, Police VIP Driver and Instructor, Police Tactical Pursuit and Containment Instructor, Skid Recognition and Correction Instructor.
Motorcycles – National Observer, Masters (Distinction).
I joined the police in 1985 and retired just over 30 years later. I spent most of my career involved in Roads Policing and Driver Training. I am currently a ‘civilian’ instructor for Cumbria Constabulary driver training unit. I am continuing to learn (as we all should) and will hopefully qualify as Police Advanced Motorcyclist and Instructor in 2021 (fingers crossed).
I did my first Police Standard Response driving course in 1991. It was a 2 week course of nothing but driving or being a passenger getting driven around Dumfries and Galloway in an unmarked police car. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it turned out I had a bit of aptitude for driving; my career specialising in Roads Policing started 3 years later. I undertook a number of courses (I think I spent over 20 weeks as a driving student of one kind or another, which works out at over 800 hours as a driving student!!). I served a 3 year secondment at the Scottish Police College, where I instructed Advanced Police Drivers from all over Scotland. After leaving ‘The College’ I had a few more police roles before returning to Roads Policing, where I finished my career as the chief driving instructor for Dumfries and Galloway Police Division.
From 1998 – 2001 I was an examiner with the IAM but gave this up due to work and family commitments.
A few months after I retired George Cairns (the then Chair, now Secretary of CWCAM) asked if I would get involved with the IAM again. I have always been a big advocate of improving driving standards; all too often, I’ve seen the results of poor driving, so I instantly agreed.
CWCAM has a lot of highly skilled Observers and I am proud to be one small cog in a big wheel, whose sole aim is to help people be better and safer drivers/riders. The group undertakes regular refresher training and Quality Assurance checks, and I am confident in saying that every single person who gives their time to CWCAM Observing does so to a level that matches, if not exceeds, any training delivered elsewhere.

National Observer, Masters (Distinction). - Motorcycles Cars – Chief Observer, National Observer, Masters (Distinction), Police Advanced Driver Class 1

Terry Milligan
Well worth it.

Well worth it.

A random conversation with a friend in 1999 led to us both booking and passing our direct access motorcycle test on the same day. From then on motorcycling has been my passion and has provided many happy experiences and memories. I’d talked about advanced training for years and never got round to it. After taking the plunge and signing up with IAM Roadsmart for an advanced course I wish I’d done it sooner. Becoming an advanced rider and Observer has enhanced my skills and made me a better, safe rider.


I would encourage anyone to sign up and join the CWCAM community.

Motorcycle National Observer

Dave Rothery
Every day is a learning day!

I’ve always been a keen motorcyclist and driver; in fact, there are not many things I haven’t ridden or driven over the last 35 years,  thanks to her Majesty’s Government.

However, I thought it was about time I learned how to do it better, which would in turn make me a safer rider and driver, not just for my own benefit, but for that of other road users.

I therefore enrolled on the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course and was introduced to the ‘SYSTEM of Motorcycle Control’: my template to becoming a better rider.

On passing the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycle Test with a ‘First’, I felt on top of the world.

I then joined  Blood Bikes Cumbria as a rider and driver and with the ‘SYTEM’ firmly in place, it did not take long to learn advanced driving skills and to pass the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Test.

I thoroughly enjoyed the educational experience that resulted in these qualifications and decided that I could give something back, by helping others to be better riders. With that in mind, I embarked on the Observer Training Course and qualified as a Local Observer (Motorcycle) and more recently Local Observer (Car). This has ‘opened my eyes’ to a different world, as I am now entrusted by CWCAM to mentor new Associates and coach them to achieve the  Advanced Rider qualification.

IAM RoadSmart has a policy of ‘life long learning’ and as every day is a learning day I will continue to develop my personal competence as a driver and rider, whilst helping others to do the same.

National Observer (Motorcycle), Master Rider. Local Observer (Car)

Nigel MacDonald

I have been motorcycling from the age of 17 and admit to having a number of ‘offies’ in the early years, when my hazard perception was poor. In 1992, I joined the IAM Glasgow North Group and after a marathon 6-hour ride around the Highlands, myself and another 6 new Associates passed our Advanced Test that same day: that was one of the best riding days of my life! On moving to Boston, Lincolnshire, I started a motorcycle section in the local IAM Car Group and on moving back North, I joined Carlisle and West Cumbria Advanced Motorists.

I ride all year round in this country and abroad. Motorcycling is my passion and also my business, as I have a Motorcycle Tour company and welcome any enquiries you may have.

National Observer (Motorcycle); Master Rider; Local Observer Assessor (Motorcycle); RoSpa Gold (Motorcycle)

Tony Rutherford
Enhance your motorcycling skills and sharpen your focus on Riding Safely.

I’ve been riding motorbikes from the tender teenage annoying age of 15. It all started in the grounds of the old Souter Point lighthouse just down from South Shields on my fiends BSA bantam 175cc which he was given by a retiring lighthouse keeper. From the moment I started riding this bike…. I was addicted.

From there I progressed to buying an aging Tiger Cub 200cc, passed my test at 17 and graduated to a Triumph T100 650cc……what awesome power & acceleration that bike had compared to the Tiger Cub. A few years later I sold the T100 (which I regret to this day as it was classic, built in 1955 plus it was older than me!) and purchased a friends Bonneville T120V. By this time, I had already embarked on a career in the Merchant Navy; served a 4-year cadetship before commencing on a 38-year career sea on many varied types of ships and yes, I did see the world. What a cracking career I had, and I would recommend it to any teenager. Anyway, I served the last 20 years as Chief Engineer onboard Diving Support Vessels and Deep Water Pipelay ships but decided to take early retirement at 55.

In 2004 I decided my riding skills needed revitalising, so I contacted the IAM who put me in touch with George Cairns at CWCAM. He was my Observer throughout my training and with his guidance & coaching I passed my Advanced Riders test that same year.
Earlier this year I felt I needed to rejuvenate my riding skills and therefore applied to take the IAM RoadSmart Fellow’s riding test; George kindly mentored me on a refresher ride and this was followed a week later by the test; again, I passed.
I also decided to compliment my riding; I applied for and subsequently passed the IAM advanced driving test.

Mid-summer I made a positive decision to pass on my riding knowledge and skills to other motorcycle riders. So, I again contacted George and asked about becoming an Observer with IAM RoadSmart; he said he’d recently commenced ‘fast track’ Observer courses and I could attend when there was a vacancy on the next course. So, in early October this year I attended the fast track course and passed (thanks to the one to one coaching by George Cairns & Andy Houghton).

National Observer (Motorcycle); Master Rider (Distinction).

Stephen Parr
“You’ve nothing to lose but everything to gain.”

In today’s world there are more and more vehicles on the road and everyone seems to be in
a hurry to get where they’re going, learning how to ride/drive is a very big achievement and
some think it’s a walk in the park. I’ve always had a big interest in anything that had an
engine and how they work, I love to ride/drive on all types of road but over the years I’ve
noticed how people’s attitude, behaviours and safety have changed. I enrolled on a bike
safe course in Carlisle which I found very informative and interesting, this lead me to do my
advanced rider training with Carlisle and West Cumbria Advanced Motorists (CWCAM) which
I’m very proud of as I thought I was a good rider before?
Learning how to be in the right position to keep me away for harm, learning how to take
corners/bends, learning how to read the road/scanning so I could plan my ride/drive
understanding about Information, Position, Speed, Gear, Acceleration (IPSGA) Take, Use,
Give (TUG) Safety, Stability, View (SSV) Observation, Anticipation, Planning (OAP) these
skills were all new to me but after a few weeks I passed my advanced bike test. A few
years later I decided to do my advanced car and being an advance rider some of the
training was similar which gave me an advantage as I already knew what was expected.
I’m now a qualified National Observer for motorcycles with a Master Rider Qualification and
a qualified Local Observer for Cars.

National Observer (Motorcycle). Local Observer (Car), Master Rider

Mick McKerrow
'Learning from experience' is all about learning the limitations of rider and machine. 

From childhood, I’ve never been without a motorcycle and at 9-years old my Father gave me responsibility for restoring an old Matchless.

I enjoy building and maintaining motorcycles as well as riding them, hence my choice of career in Engineering rather than following my family tradition in Medicine.

I’ve received bumps and scrapes along the way: it’s called ‘Learning from Experience’; that is, the experience to understand the limitations of rider and machine!

I’ve raced competitively on tarmac and dirt; I’ve done some touring; in 2007 I undertook the ‘Saddle Sore 1000 Mile Challenge’ within 24 hours: basically, if its got 2 wheels I’m up for it.

On my route to becoming a Blood Biker, I received Advanced Rider coaching from IAM RoadSmart, and this made me mindful of what I could be giving back to others. Traffic on the public highway has trebled in volume since I started riding on the road and now that I am a qualified Observer with a Masters(Distinction), I am keen to pass on my skills and experience to others, to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable for all.

National Observer (Motorcycle), Master Rider with Distinction

Sam Quigley
I lost my younger brother in a car accident just short of his 21st Birthday, that gave me an appreciation of the dangers on the road.

Growing up on a farm, I was involved with all things mechanical from an early age, driving tractors around the fields before my feet could touch pedals whilst seated. I began riding legally on a Honda PC50 moped aged 16, and driving, in an Aunt’s old Singer Gazelle aged 18.
I’ve covered a few miles on bikes & cars in a number of Continents since, but I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of freedom that being on the road gave.
I lost my younger brother in a car accident just short of his 21st Birthday, that gave me an appreciation of the dangers on the road, but it took a ride with Bikesafe Carlisle in 2015 to motivate me to do something to improve my own riding, which till then had been happily accident & drama free.
I joined IAM & CWCAM as an Associate rider & was inspired by Nigel McDonald, I then embarked on driver training, where Chris Hudson fuelled my desire to be a better road user still further.
In my day job, as a professional pilot, instructor & examiner of some 30 years standing, I positively encourage my training team & crews to hone their flying skills; we endeavour to get things right in the air, as the consequences of failure can be dramatic, so I really appreciate the dedication & thoroughly professional style demonstrated by the volunteer Observers & Committee members within the CWCAM Group. I enjoy seeing our Associates improve core road skills with the help we offer.

Local Observer (Car and Motorcycle); Master Driver (Distinction).

Leah Lister
I look forward to coaching our Associates achieve the competencies required to pass the Advanced Driving Test.

Hello, my name is Leah, I pride myself on being friendly and approachable and I enjoy driving and meeting new people. I am an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) living in Cockermouth and I am also an Advanced Driver and Local Observer for IAM RoadSmart. I am extremely happy to be associated with Carlisle and West Cumbria Advanced Motorists (CWCAM) and I look forward to coaching our Associates achieve the competencies required to pass the Advanced Driving Test.

Approved Driving Instructor; Local Observer (Car)

John Murchison
Advanced training, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so!

I have been riding bikes on the road since I was 16 years old.

Over the years I have ridden a variety of bikes from sports bikes to tourers and I also raced in moto cross for a few years.

Track days taught me about bike handling at high speed, and although legal speed restrictions apply when riding on the road, the skills learned on a track come in handy at times and improve overall riding competence.

I enjoy touring around Europe and find that continental people are generally very ‘biker friendly’ and courteous. This in turn generates a spirit of good cooperation and harmony on the roads, which is -unfortunately- something that is often sadly missing in the UK.

I joined IAM (now IAM RoadSmart) a few years ago and although an experienced rider at the time, I benefitted from the coaching sessions and found that it gave me a fuller and more appreciative understanding of my needs as a biker and the needs of other road users.

I carried on with Carlisle and West Cumbria Advanced Motorists and trained as an IAM RoadSmart Motorcycle Observer, because I feel I have the skills and experience that can help others stay safe on the road and enjoy their riding. I recommend all riders to consider Advanced training, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so!

Local Observer (Motorcycle)

Jim Mitchell

A recycled (mid aged) beatnik, I first became an IAM driver 25 years ago, and wanted to repay the efforts of my observer in bringing me up to the required standard so volunteered to act as an Observer.
Having driven virtually everything that has wheels (or tracks) from Unicycles to 70 ton HGVs, I found I could relate to and help the understanding of a wide range of people with regard to safety on the roads.
Aided by the structured, and ongoing Observer training I enjoy passing my knowledge onto others with the self confessed interest in that each and every person I help is one less (or at least a reduced) hazard I will meet on the road through life.
Having in recent years adding the original one HP all terrain transport unit has only served to increase both my own awareness and the sometimes lack there of in others for all that can happen on a simple journey.

Life is fun, living it safely keeps it going longer.

National Observer (Car)

George Cairns
George A Cairns

From an early age I was smitten with cars and bikes and couldn’t wait to be a ‘road user’. I taught myself to ride a motorcycle and to drive, whilst working in a car scrap yard. My ‘training’ was unorthodox so I now spend my time teaching others in a very structured way, to make the learning experience as much fun as possible.

IAM Roadsmart Examiner (Cars and Motorcycles), CWCAM Technical Advisor. Previous: National Observer (Car and Motorcycle), Local Observer Assessor (Car and Motorcycle), Master Driver (Distinction), Master Rider (Distinction), Master's Mentor (Car and Motorcycle), DVSA ADI, RoSPA Gold ( Car and Motorcycle), Diamond Master Driver.

Steve Lambert
Improving your driving and riding skills will benefit you and those around you.

I served thirty-one years with Cumbria Constabulary, the last twelve as a Traffic Sergeant.

During this time I drove both patrol cars and Police motorcycles and was involved in Bikesafe both locally and as the North West Regional Chairman.

I was involved in many road safety initiatives and unfortunately I saw first hand on many occasions the devastation caused to families by fatal collisions involving both cars and bikes.

Experience shows that any training done to improve your driving or riding can only benefit you as a road user as well as having an effect on other road users. Advanced Driver and Advanced Rider Courses available through IAM RoadSmart provide access to expert coaching that will help you to achieve this improvement and make a difference. I am now an IAM RoadSmart Examiner for both Cars and Bikes.

IAM Roadsmart Examiner (Cars and Motorcycles), CWCAM Technical Advisor. Former Sergeant with Cumbria Police Roads Policing Unit