29th Jan 2022 – Highway Code Rules changes – Hierarchy of Road Users

Rules for all types of road users have been updated in The Highway Code to improve the safety of people walking, cycling and riding horses. Neil Greig, Director of Policy and research at IAM RoadSmart has warned the “vast majority” of drivers will not have checked the Highway Code in years and be unaware of […]

Scientists reveal the reason for ‘Mystery Biker Road Signs’

THE story behind mystery road signs and markings that appeared alongside some of Scotland’s best biking routes – and that have been intriguing motorcyclists over the past year – has been revealed by research scientists. It turns out that the features – on roadside poles and on the road surface – are part of a trailblazing new […]

Associate Choices

Recognising that practical Coaching has been interupted(Covid-19) for many months, some online training has been made available: “Associate Choices” These focused modules are designed to help you refresh your knowledge and prepare for our return to on-road training. Learn more https://www.iamroadsmart.com/campaign-pages/end-customer-campaigns/associate-choices

COVID-19 and Insurance Cover for Groups

We’ve had occasion between various Lockdowns to return to some restricted Coaching sessions while following Covid-19 hygiene safeguards. If we are in a position where we’ve opened up Coaching It is up to each individual Associate and Observer to consider their personal risk and to decide whether they are willing to participate in Advanced coaching […]

Corner Force

In this article, which applies to both car drivers and motorcycle riders, I will discuss: Corner Force Slip Angles The Rolling Cone Effect Lateral Force Shear Stress in the Contact Patch Dynamic Stability for a motorcycle in a bend Negative and Positive Slip Forces Drifting It is hoped that both Observers and Associates obtain a better […]

Why does a motorcycle sit up and run straight, if the front brake is applied in a bend?

Why does a motorcycle sit up and run straight under heavy front braking? This article, which is in two parts, explains why: • Part A: This gives a non-technical description of what happens; • Part B: This gives a more technical description of what happens, and why it happens. Those interested in ‘what happens’ should […]