Corner Force

In this article, which applies to both car drivers and motorcycle riders, I will discuss: Corner Force Slip Angles The Rolling Cone Effect Lateral Force Shear Stress in the Contact Patch Dynamic Stability for a motorcycle in a bend Negative and Positive Slip Forces Drifting It is hoped that both Observers and Associates obtain a better […]

Why does a motorcycle sit up and run straight, if the front brake is applied in a bend?

Why does a motorcycle sit up and run straight under heavy front braking? This article, which is in two parts, explains why: • Part A: This gives a non-technical description of what happens; • Part B: This gives a more technical description of what happens, and why it happens. Those interested in ‘what happens’ should […]

IAM RoadSmart Motorcycle Handout #8: Filtering

The manoeuvre known as ‘Filtering’ if done correctly, allows the advanced motorcyclist to make progress whilst the motorist suffers delays. It can however, place the motorcyclist in a position of extreme danger if not done correctly and safely. This handout sets out some basic principles for making filtering as safe as possible. Click for more