Scientists reveal the reason for ‘Mystery Biker Road Signs’

THE story behind mystery road signs and markings that appeared alongside some of Scotland’s best biking routes – and that have been intriguing motorcyclists over the past year – has been revealed by research scientists. It turns out that the features – on roadside poles and on the road surface – are part of a trailblazing new […]

Associate Choices

Recognising that practical Coaching has been interupted(Covid-19) for many months, some online training has been made available: “Associate Choices” These focused modules are designed to help you refresh your knowledge and prepare for our return to on-road training. Learn more

COVID-19 and Insurance Cover for Groups

We’ve had occasion between various Lockdowns to return to some restricted Coaching sessions while following Covid-19 hygiene safeguards. If we are in a position where we’ve opened up Coaching It is up to each individual Associate and Observer to consider their personal risk and to decide whether they are willing to participate in Advanced coaching […]

Auto Express article entitled: ‘Diesel ban?’

New diesel cars now face higher first-year taxes. This is the latest in a number blows from the authorities against the fuel in recent years, which have left many believing diesel is now running on fumes. With cities across Europe considering bans on older models, the UK Government proposing charging zones for ageing diesel cars […]

RAC article entitled ‘Breathalysers must be fitted to all new cars from 2022’

Breathalysers must be able to be fitted into all new cars from 2022 following a landmark decision by the European Council. The technology, that could prevent drink-drivers from starting their engines, was approved in March but has only just been rubber-stamped by European officials last week. The UK’s position is yet to be confirmed, but […]

RAC on line: ‘Young drivers could be banned from driving at night!’

Source: RAC on line. In a recent report, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced it is considering plans to introduce a graduated licence scheme for new drivers. But experts warn that the system – which would include a raft of new restrictions alongside a night-time ban – could put youngsters off driving entirely, severely limiting […]

Mirror on line: ‘Driving with an unrestrained pet in your car could invalidate your insurance!’

Source: Mirror on line. Families heading out on staycations and day trips this summer are being reminded to keep an eye on their pets to avoid a hefty fine on the road. As the school holidays kick off, parents should be aware that travelling with their dog in the passenger seat could risk a £5,000 […]