Masters (car) Tips and Mnemonics by Sam Quigley Local Observer (Car and Motorcycle) Masters (Distinction)

Masters Tips (Car) and Mnemonics by Sam Quigley
I was very fortunate to have Chris Hudson for my IAM Car Associate training, and through his mentoring I achieved a pass at First standard. I wished to progress my driver training to Masters standard, and Robin Bell was recommended. Robin mentored me; using this mentoring and what Chris had taught me, I managed to achieve a Masters with Distinction on test.
To prepare for the Masters test, I wrote the following aide memoire based largely on Chris Hudson’s doctrines & principles. Chris has decades of experience in training Police drivers to the very highest standard, and I believe his ability to apply continuous spoken thought to his driving, from strapping in, to turning the key off, something which I tried to copy verbatim, was instrumental in my achieving the grade.
I post it here with gratitude to Chris & Robin, in the hope that, suitably modified for your needs, it may do you some good in your quest to better your driving abilities.

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