Torque and Horsepower

Torque and Horse Power

Torque is one of those terms we use frequently, and it sits comfortably with us when talking about the performance of bikes and cars; E.G: ‘The Hayabusa ’s acceleration is phenomenal, because it has tons of Torque .’ ‘ A Range Rover ’s high T orque makes it a superb tow car!’ But what is Torque? Does it only apply to internal combustion engines, or do electric motors and bicycles also have Torque?

In this article I will explain what Torque is; how it is measured and how it relates to the Power output of an engine.

Let’s start by looking at the components responsible for Torque: namely Force and Distance! Newton’s Second Law tells us that an unbalanced Force (F) acting on a body with Mass (m), will result in Acceleration (a). For any given Mass, the size of the Acceleration increases proportionally with the Force responsible for the Acceleration; in other words, if you double the size of the Force you get twice as much Acceleration.

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