Does changing down for a bend reduce the risk of understeer?

Does changing down on approach to a bend reduces the risk of understeer?
A moving conventional vehicle experiences Engine Braking Force, which always opposes motion (I.E. it tries to slow the car!)
On steering into a bend, the car begins to accelerate ‘Centripetally’, that is it accelerates towards the centre of the bend. (Centripetal literally mean ‘centre facing’). This acceleration occurs even if the car’s linear speed along the road surface remains constant, because Centripetal Acceleration results from the rate of change of the ‘direction’ element of car’s Velocity and not the ‘speed’ element of Velocity; therefore, Centripetal Acceleration exists even if speed through the bend is constant, simply because the car’s direction is constantly changing: which is contrary to the way most of us think of acceleration!

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