Scientists reveal the reason for ‘Mystery Biker Road Signs’

THE story behind mystery road signs and markings that appeared alongside some of Scotland’s best biking routes – and that have been intriguing motorcyclists over the past year – has been revealed by research scientists.

It turns out that the features – on roadside poles and on the road surface – are part of a trailblazing new experiment into motorcycle casualty reduction, launched by Transport Scotland.

The eye-catching new ‘user information’ – devised by a research team including road safety specialists at Open Road Simulation Limited (ORS) – uses ‘applied’ or ‘nudge’ psychology to influence bikers on their choice of speed, positioning and braking as they approach challenging bends.

So far the signs and markings, dubbed PRIMEs, or ‘Perceptual Rider Information to Maximise Expertise/Enjoyment’, have appeared at four sites on three different roads frequently singled out by riders seeking a mix of challenging bends, fast straights – and stunning scenery.

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