Dave Rothery

I’ve always been a keen motorcyclist and driver; in fact, there are not many things I haven’t ridden or driven over the last 35 years,  thanks to her Majesty’s Government.

However, I thought it was about time I learned how to do it better, which would in turn make me a safer rider and driver, not just for my own benefit, but for that of other road users.

I therefore enrolled on the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course and was introduced to the ‘SYSTEM of Motorcycle Control’: my template to becoming a better rider.

On passing the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycle Test with a ‘First’, I felt on top of the world.

I then joined  Blood Bikes Cumbria as a rider and driver and with the ‘SYTEM’ firmly in place, it did not take long to learn advanced driving skills and to pass the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Test.

I thoroughly enjoyed the educational experience that resulted in these qualifications and decided that I could give something back, by helping others to be better riders. With that in mind, I embarked on the Observer Training Course and qualified as a Local Observer (Motorcycle) and more recently Local Observer (Car). This has ‘opened my eyes’ to a different world, as I am now entrusted by CWCAM to mentor new Associates and coach them to achieve the  Advanced Rider qualification.

IAM RoadSmart has a policy of ‘life long learning’ and as every day is a learning day I will continue to develop my personal competence as a driver and rider, whilst helping others to do the same.