John Murchison

I have been riding bikes on the road since I was 16 years old.

Over the years I have ridden a variety of bikes from sports bikes to tourers and I also raced in moto cross for a few years.

Track days taught me about bike handling at high speed, and although legal speed restrictions apply when riding on the road, the skills learned on a track come in handy at times and improve overall riding competence.

I enjoy touring around Europe and find that continental people are generally very ‘biker friendly’ and courteous. This in turn generates a spirit of good cooperation and harmony on the roads, which is -unfortunately- something that is often sadly missing in the UK.

I joined IAM (now IAM RoadSmart) a few years ago and although an experienced rider at the time, I benefitted from the coaching sessions and found that it gave me a fuller and more appreciative understanding of my needs as a biker and the needs of other road users.

I carried on with Carlisle and West Cumbria Advanced Motorists and trained as an IAM RoadSmart Motorcycle Observer, because I feel I have the skills and experience that can help others stay safe on the road and enjoy their riding. I recommend all riders to consider Advanced training, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so!