Sam Quigley

Growing up on a farm, I was involved with all things mechanical from an early age, driving tractors around the fields before my feet could touch pedals whilst seated. I began riding legally on a Honda PC50 moped aged 16, and driving, in an Aunt’s old Singer Gazelle aged 18.
I’ve covered a few miles on bikes & cars in a number of Continents since, but I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of freedom that being on the road gave.
I lost my younger brother in a car accident just short of his 21st Birthday, that gave me an appreciation of the dangers on the road, but it took a ride with Bikesafe Carlisle in 2015 to motivate me to do something to improve my own riding, which till then had been happily accident & drama free.
I joined IAM & CWCAM as an Associate rider & was inspired by Nigel McDonald, I then embarked on driver training, where Chris Hudson fuelled my desire to be a better road user still further.
In my day job, as a professional pilot, instructor & examiner of some 30 years standing, I positively encourage my training team & crews to hone their flying skills; we endeavour to get things right in the air, as the consequences of failure can be dramatic, so I really appreciate the dedication & thoroughly professional style demonstrated by the volunteer Observers & Committee members within the CWCAM Group. I enjoy seeing our Associates improve core road skills with the help we offer.