Associate COVID-19 Guidance from IAM RoadSmart

learner driver

IAM RoadSmart Car Associate guidance commenced in England from 20th July and in Scotland from 7th September. However, Associates should contact their Observer to discuss whether their guidance sessions are able to go ahead. Each individual Associate and Observer must decide for themselves whether the risk is acceptable; this is especially  important for Car Associates. […]

Corner Force

In this article, which applies to both car drivers and motorcycle riders, I will discuss: Corner Force Slip Angles The Rolling Cone Effect Lateral Force Shear Stress in the Contact Patch Dynamic Stability for a motorcycle in a bend Negative and Positive Slip Forces Drifting It is hoped that both Observers and Associates obtain a better […]

Why does a motorcycle sit up and run straight, if the front brake is applied in a bend?

Why does a motorcycle sit up and run straight under heavy front braking? This article, which is in two parts, explains why: • Part A: This gives a non-technical description of what happens; • Part B: This gives a more technical description of what happens, and why it happens. Those interested in ‘what happens’ should […]