Jim Mitchell

A recycled (mid aged) beatnik, I first became an IAM driver 25 years ago, and wanted to repay the efforts of my observer in bringing me up to the required standard so volunteered to act as an Observer.
Having driven virtually everything that has wheels (or tracks) from Unicycles to 70 ton HGVs, I found I could relate to and help the understanding of a wide range of people with regard to safety on the roads.
Aided by the structured, and ongoing Observer training I enjoy passing my knowledge onto others with the self confessed interest in that each and every person I help is one less (or at least a reduced) hazard I will meet on the road through life.
Having in recent years adding the original one HP all terrain transport unit has only served to increase both my own awareness and the sometimes lack there of in others for all that can happen on a simple journey.

Life is fun, living it safely keeps it going longer.