Mick McKerrow

From childhood, I’ve never been without a motorcycle and at 9-years old my Father gave me responsibility for restoring an old Matchless.

I enjoy building and maintaining motorcycles as well as riding them, hence my choice of career in Engineering rather than following my family tradition in Medicine.

I’ve received bumps and scrapes along the way: it’s called ‘Learning from Experience’; that is, the experience to understand the limitations of rider and machine!

I’ve raced competitively on tarmac and dirt; I’ve done some touring; in 2007 I undertook the ‘Saddle Sore 1000 Mile Challenge’ within 24 hours: basically, if its got 2 wheels I’m up for it.

On my route to becoming a Blood Biker, I received Advanced Rider coaching from IAM RoadSmart, and this made me mindful of what I could be giving back to others. Traffic on the public highway has trebled in volume since I started riding on the road and now that I am a qualified Observer with a Masters(Distinction), I am keen to pass on my skills and experience to others, to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable for all.